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Our Aims, Rules & Measures


  • To enable our staff and our members to protect themselves in our club, whilst still providing a warm, comfortable and pleasant place to be.

  • To strike a balance between providing enough rules, signage and visible safety measures for people to feel their safety is taken seriously, and maintaining a relaxed feel within the premises.

  • Having done so we would expect our members to respect each others’ choices with regard to distancing. If a small group wish to drink together, then that should be accepted if it is being done without putting anyone outside of the group in danger. Likewise, people should be able to comfortably sit 1m away from anyone else, without having that space breached.


  • Whilst it is our expectation and requirement is that you respect each other’s space and the minimum 1m distancing rule for people not in your bubble, if a small group of you decide to stand/sit closer together, this is your decision and is taken at your own risk.

  • DO NOT enter the passageways at either the front or the rear of the building unless they are empty – if they are not, wait over 1m away from the entrance for whoever is in the passage to exit safely.

  • Likewise, if leaving the club, wait over 1 metre away from the internal door to allow anyone already in the passage to safely enter or before you leave.

  • Sanitize your hands on entry into the club (i.e. after there are no more doors to touch to get in).

  • Sanitize your hands before entering the toilets, and again having exited the toilets and re-entered the club (there will be a wall sanitiser directly outside each toilet).

  • Everyone in your party must sign their names with telephone numbers into the books provided on entry - this is a LEGAL REQUIREMENT for the NHS Track & Trace System.

  • Masks are not obligatory but definitely encouraged. However, we’d like to think you’d respect the wishes of the people around you. If you are sitting/standing in a group and all of you prefer not to wear masks whilst socialising, and you all consent, that is your choice. We would expect you to take every care to ensure this does not affect anyone else i.e. if coughing or sneezing, follow health guidelines to cough into your elbow or a tissue.

  • SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED AROUND THE PASSAGEWAY OR FRONT ENTRANCE – if you wish to smoke, use the smoking area at the rear of the building.

  • We have provided everything needed for you all to keep yourselves safe within the club, and it is the responsibility of each of you to use the items provided and follow the rules above. Be respectful of other peoples’ choices – they may not choose to distance within their small groups. As long as they are consenting adults and their decisions are not invading yours or any other non-consenting Member’s bubble, there is no need to notify staff.


  • We have installed wall mounted non touch sanitiser dispensers – 1 inside and outside of each entrance, one in each toilet, one on wall outside each toilet, and one in the dining area

  • 80% alcohol medical grade cleaning spray with tissue is provided for use next to the coffee machine, on the windowsill at the rear of the dining area, and next to the stairs to the dining area

  • We ask that cash be avoided - please pay for food and drinks with your members top up card, or with a contactless debit or credit card

  • Bar staff have clear visors to aid communication whilst providing safety

  • Perspex screens protect both the staff and members at the bar

  • All available tables and surfaces will be regularly wiped 

  • Disposable gloves are available for Members' use next to the steps to the dining area

  • Alternate urinals have been put out of use to ensure proper distancing in the men's toilets, and a one way system introduced (Entry only at the lower door, and Exit only at the top door by the dining area)



  • Kitchen staff wear full fabric masks and gloves at all times, and follow govt health guidelines specific to Covid for running a kitchen safely

  • 1 person only handling outgoing food

  • 1 person only handling incoming i.e. table clearing and washing up

  • Cutlery no longer laid out on tables, but served with the food

  • Waiting staff have clear visors to aid communication whilst providing safety, and will wear gloves at all times

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