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The Club's History

Founded in 1923 and called the Pontefract Conservative and Constitutional Club the original building was constructed in 1803 by Oxford College.


From 1923 it relied principally on brewery loans for its survival until 1960 when a turnaround of fortunes by the then incumbent committee saw it prosper, so much so that an extension was added and refurbishment works were carried out to form the basis of what the club is today. A second major refurbishment program was completed in early 2004 further enhancing the bar, seating and dance area together with a modern and sophisticated lighting system, and was rewarded by being voted the Top Conservative Club in 2007 and 2011.


Present Committee & Staff Structure

President                                    Jackie Evans

Chairman                                   Alan Holdsworth

Vice President                            Ian Firth

Vice President                            David Towers

Vice President                            John Goodworth

Club Secretary                           Lorraine Lockwood

Committee                                 Michael Clayton

Committee                                 Barbara Goodworth

Committee                                 Pat  Archer

Committee                                 Judith Ledbetter

Committee                                 Sammy Wickens

Steward                                       Sarah Jenkinson

Bar Staff                                    Tracy Jenkinson                            Kitchen Staff                               John McAdam

Secratary                                    Lorraine Lockwood

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