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Ian Oates Room


In August 2019, we said goodbye to one of our most popular and loyal members, Ian Oates. 

Ian was one of the most respected and honoured members of the club for the past fifty years, and the hardest working member of the committee for over twenty of those years. 

Even though he resigned from active committee duties he remained a trustee until his sudden and unexpected death on the 23rd August 2019.

He remained a loyal member of the club and oversaw the finances and the administrative side despite the pressures of running his own business which operated on a seven day week basis.

No one who knew Ian ever heard him say a bad word about any member, or member of staff, and would always look for a peaceful and thoughtful solution to any problems that arose and was always the first to help members who had queries or suggestions.

He was instrumental in setting up the club's computerised till and back office system, linking members' entry cards to car park and discount systems, prepared the accounts for our auditors each year, and in his time negotiated deals with suppliers and breweries and fought against outdated rhetoric and methods.

But whilst he embraced change, he never compromised on ethics, good manners and friendship. His efforts and dedication helped move the club to a better financial footing as well as contributing to twice winning 'Club Of The Year Award'. His passing has had a huge impact on this club, as it has had on the hundreds of people who attended his funeral.

His passing and memory has been marked by the Club, by naming our small bar and lounge in his honour. His daughter Melanie uses his room to host a bereavement support group once a month.

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